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Subway Tiles

AE Recycled Granite offers Subway Tiles for a more polished, mosaic look to add to your backsplash, wainscoting or fireplace. Each tile has a polished finish that gives your project a high-end finish. The standard blends we have to offer are listed as follows or you can ask for a customized look.

Copper Canyon

A diverse blend and perfect match for nearly any home, our Copper Canyon Blend is an energy infused mix that features crisp whites, soft golds and strong coppers.

Dragoon Peak

Our Dragoon Peak blend is a beautiful mix of beige, light copper and creamy ivories. It's a wonderfully neutral combination that harmonizes perfectly with any decor.  


A warm and charming composition of colors, the Sedona Blend is comprised of vibrant rose, cranberry and cream tinted stones. Pairss perfectly with cherry wood and a cabernet sauvignon. 


A deep, dark and dramatic blend, Galaxy is a woven masterpiece of rich blacks, charcoal grays and hints of dark blue. This dusky mixture brings an air of elegance to your home and easily functions as a sharp contrast with lightly colored furnishing.

Pine Top

Pine Top is a romantic, soulful blend of deep emerald, sage green and verdant jade. This blend with its natural tones is perfect for providing a serene and tranquil atmosphere.

Bright Angel

As lovely as its name implies, Bright Angel is a cool palette dream. Misty grays, sparkling silvers and soft whites. The divinity of these tiles paired with dark wood is a match made in heaven.


Looking for a specific and unique look? Why not pick it yourself! Combine different blends or select colors you want added or subtracted to perfectly fit your home's decor.

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