Recycled Granite Split Stone

At A&E Recycled Granite we use our locally manufactured material to build our beautiful split stone paneling. The best part is that all of our product is eco-friendly too. These panels come in an array of colors and patterns carefully designed to fit right into any home. Below are the stone blends we have to offer.


A vibrant tapestry of golds, coppers and bronze. A blend that can provide elegance to your decor when emphasizing the gold tones or a balanced accent when paired with natural elements.


A handsome, strong blend of warm dark tones that creates a rugged statement in your home and business. Venetian has an extraordinary presence either as a foundational accent to your design or the focal point. 


A delightfully radiant mix of white, copper and green granites with pops of gold. Desert works well as a compliment to natural design and has just enough sparkle to feel elegant.


A harmonious blending of warm and cool tones that allows your design to be timeless. Everest is an uplifting, serene blend that creates an impression without being overpowering.   

Arizona State Parks

The official Arizona State Parks blend with a portion of every purchase benefiting the Granite Mountain Hotshots Memorial Park. This blend is a bold, radiant and inspiring mix of copper, gold and blue stone that captures the beauty of Arizona.   


A rich, ebony black blend with highlights of deep gray and white. Provides a dramatic backdrop to your home and business decor with understated luxury. 


A crisp, cool combination of ice whites and soft grays that create an elegant design. Highly versatile blend that harmonizes with modern to country styles and provides a classsy, distinguished look.

Superstition Ridge 

A unique fusion of copper, gray and wine tones that add an exceptional look to your project. Superstition Ridge is never boring and brings a bold yet playful appearance to your design. 

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