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Custom Pavers

At AE Recycled Granite our natural stone, custom pavers are manufactured from solid granite which gives you a paver that's strong enough for driveways, stunning as a patio, and creates a stand-out feature in your landscape design. Our Custom Pavers are a larger sized paving stone in 6x9 or 6x6 sizes. Create a 3 piece pattern by combining with our Cobblestones.


Custom Pavers are made-to-order and can have an extended lead-time due to material sourcing.


Earth Blend is a mosaic of natural beauty. Featuring every color of Granite, this blend works with every design and makes a statement while doing it. Made from solid granite, our pavers are naturally beautiful and durable. The options are unlimited when it comes to patterns. 


Beautifully neutral, amazingly dynamic. Featuring only the light shades of granite, our Sand Blend not only gives you the charm of a solid stone product but also a low heat index. Perfect for pool applications in the Southwest.

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