Recycled Granite Cobblestones

Recycled Granite Cobblestones gives customers something new — an eco-friendly version of the world’s most popular stone. Manufactured in Arizona, this updated version of the cobblestone provides all the historical advantages; longevity, strength and low maintenance, with modern advantages; recycled, American manufactured and exciting color options. Bring a bit of history and romance to your home by adding sustainable Recycled Granite Cobblestones to your outdoor space.

Alexandria Blend

A bright white, crisp silver and stone gray blend of granite cobbles that adds a delightfully dignified personality to your outdoor spaces.

Colonia Blend

A sun-kissed mix of granite cobblestones in captivating shades of gold, brown and copper.

London Blend

An elementary blend of cobbles featuring a inspiring mix of bold blacks, and deep, dark colors.

Installation Pictures Coming Soon

Tuscany Blend

A complex mix of granite cobbles with hints of champagne, rose and cabernet tones.

Installation Pictures Coming Soon

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