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Cobblestones - The World's Favorite Granite

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Cobblestones have been used for centuries in civilizations all around the world. Thought to be introduced in the pre-Roman era of the 3rd century, they quickly gained popularity as a purely utilitarian means of preventing roadway erosion. Starting off as stones gathered from riverbeds, the original idea had zero alterations to the rock.

Over the years this practical system started to change with the introduction of design. Simple river rock became chiseled rectangular and square blocks with a flat top. This not only allowed for a quieter, smoother ride on horseback or carts, but quickly drove ingenuity. With patterns emerging and granite being selected for a specific color, roadways, driveways and walkways started to have a personality.

Fast forward to today and many of the original cobblestone roads around the world are still useable. Granite offers something no other road base can match — longevity. With very little maintenance it can last for centuries.

Recycled Granite Cobblestones now give customers something new — an eco-friendly version of the world’s most popular stone. Manufactured in America, this newer version of the cobblestone provides all the historical advantages; longevity, strength and low maintenance, with modern advantages; recycled, American manufactured and exciting new color options. Bring a bit of history and romance to your home by adding sustainable Recycled Granite Cobblestones to your outdoor space.

AE Recycled Granite offers 4 different Cobblestone blends. Alexandria, a white and silver mix. Colonia, a gold, copper and tan mix. London, a black and dark colors mix and Tuscany, a cream, rose and sand mix.

Cobblestones look great as a patio and we've installed several over the last few months. Already on the books is our first Tuscany patio, picked by the customer to coordinate with an existing brick feature. We've installed Alexandria and Colonia patio's around the Tucson area as well. London, which is a very dark blend, hasn't been installed yet as it requires a special location. Dark colors absorb heat and with Tucson's climate this cobblestone blend would get very hot if not installed in a specific location, such as a shaded courtyard or north facing patio. It's a design element that only desert dwellers need to keep in mind.

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