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Kitchen gets amazing update with Recycled Granite subway tile backsplash

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Kitchen backsplash with subway tiles

Down in Green Valley Arizona is a beautiful golf course community with older homes emitting stunning character. Built in the 1970's these homes are ready for their owners to start remodeling, updating and adding their own personal touches.

AE Recycled Granite recently finished installing Granite Subway tiles in the Copper Canyon blend. These tiles are locally manufactured by Recycled Granite Arizona and give a beautifully unique look with a sustainable product line.

The homeowner enjoys the warm, vibrant colors typically found in southwest design and their home is a kaleidoscope of coppers, tans and chocolates with pops of reds and greens. The Copper Canyon blend gave them exactly the look they wanted and created a harmonious design with all their current decor.

The installation specifications had the crew install above the current backsplash and go all the way up to the cabinets. The raised vent hood allowed for a beautiful backdrop of the granite tiles behind the oven.

backsplash installation

This installation took two days, one to add all the tiles to the wall and the second day for grouting and clean-up. Of course, AE Recycled Granite leaves the jobsite very clean after each day. We sweep, dust and make sure that even though remodeling is being done it doesn't feel like you are living in a construction site.

subway tile installation

The four-sided chisel of the Recycled Granite Subway Tiles creates a spectacular stone presence in the room. It adds character and life to the design, as each tiles has its own personality.

The cabinets were set high from the countertop level, this gave a larger install space for the tiles to really be showcased. As you can see the crew removed all signs of their presence at the end of the day. Only the little, red wedge spacers can be seen between the spaces of the tile joints. Tomorrow the spacers will be removed and the grout will be added. The homeowner selected Bamboo grout by Mapei. It's a nice warm tone without being too dark, perfect for this kitchen.

Once the tiles are dry and fully adhered to the wall, it's time to grout. The tiles are washed and any extra thinset is removed. Next the grout is mixed and troweled into the joints. This completely hides the stone from view as you work the grout into the margins. Then comes the amazing reveal! The grout is removed and the tiles are wiped clean. The final result is amazing! A tapestry of golds and copper colors giving the homeowner a high-end, luxurious design.

Stone backsplash

The finished project in the great room.

Kitchen with recycled granite tiles

AE Recycled Granite offers free installation estimates. Call us at (520)885-8970 to see all our Subway Tile blends.

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