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Preparing for Autumn

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Fire Pit

Summer is passing and with the end of one season another must take its place and everyone here at A&E is eagerly awaiting for Autumn to come. The season for getting together to be thankful for what we have, the season to dress up and have some much needed fun, and one of our favorites it's the season to sit outside around a nice warm fire with family and friends cooking hotdogs, chili and all sorts of greats foods. It's relaxing to watch the cracking and popping wood atop the sizzling silver red coals or look up into the heavens to see the beauty of the infinite void being sliced through by the glittering stars and glowing moon.

Fire Pits are one of the nicest and simplest additions to a backyard. They create a meeting place for family and friends and a spot to put up your feet and chill. They're pretty easy to install too. We have a lot of people who like to do it themselves, but we can always install it too. With five different types of fire pits and five different colors we are sure we can make the fire pit of your dreams, and our favorites being the patio pit and my personal favorite the bonfire pit. This fire pit has a deep fire ring on the inside it has plenty of room to have some pretty big fires. With a fire pit in your back yard you can have large get togethers and have a nice big fire to be able to warm everyone up.

After all what's better then being around the people you care about all while having good times, with a center piece that stands out above the rest.

Family time

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