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Ho Ho Holidays...?

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

I know, I know... That's crazy talk to mention the holidays in August.

Recycled Granite fireplace

You're still blissfully enjoying the pool, with zero thoughts about wrapping paper, gift exchanges or how much Pennsylvania Dutch eggnog Uncle Bob will drink. Even the stores haven't started putting up the trees and tinsel yet.

However if you're the guy or gal that loves cracking open those holiday decoration bins because it's the one time out of the year that your fireplace actually looks good then perhaps you need to start thinking about a quick fireplace remodel.


Here's a few signs that you might need a fireplace overhaul:

1. You leave the stockings up way longer than you should to hide the drywall covered mantel. (Seriously, why do builders think drywall makes an attractive fireplace??)

2. You've forgotten how many coats of paint you've added to your block fireplace.

3. You're tired of taking the family holiday picture in front of the Sahuaro.

4. You use your sofa to hide the fact that you even have a fireplace.


This summer we're remodeling several fireplaces -- a lot for couples that will be hosting this years Christmas party. Most of the time it takes only 2 days to completely transform the look and its very stress-free for you. Heck, you can even stay in the pool and let us give you a look to enjoy!

When you reach out to us, the first step is getting a free estimate. We'll bring sample boards of Recycled Granite Split Stone to your home -- this gives you the ability to select the color that best fits your decor. No guessing under the glaring fluorescence of a home improvement store. We have years of experience working with all sorts of remodel-ready fireplaces like; bullnose drywall, adobe block, stucco, beehive and floor tile clad hearths.

If this is the year you decide to enjoy your fireplace all year round, not just when its hidden behind your kids stockings, then give us a call. It might give Uncle Bob something else to talk about, instead of the time in the 80's when he almost bought Apple stock.


Before and After Fireplace remodel over drywall.

Before and After Fireplace remodel over drywall.

Before and After fireplace remodel over block.

Before and After Fireplace with removing saltillo tile.

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