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The Contest That Rocked!

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Every year we host the


DIY Project

It's an amazing contest where we highlight amazing DIY projects and let Facebook vote on which one is the most amazingest! I know that's not a real word but the amazingness of the whole thing deserves it!

Granite paver patio

This year we narrowed down our contest to 2 projects -- an exterior and an interior nomination.

granite stone tile

The competition was fierce! The outdoor living space featuring 850 square feet of Recycled Granite Pavers was a knock-out! The completely renovated Glacier Blend fireplace was a haymaker!

We featured it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram and got over 3,000 views and more than 200 comments. People had a real hard time deciding which project they liked best - which is a good thing!!

In the end the Paver Patio came in on top and claimed the top prize and bragging for this whole year! We'll be featuring owner-installer Ryan Heiman in an article next month and talking to him about all his hard work and the amazing results!

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