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New Year. New Look

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

The New Year is traditionally a time for review, to identify areas that can be improved. Personal review can bring feelings of embarrassment and failure while instilling hope and resolve. Resolve. That’s the root for the word resolution – to loosen or release.

Self reflection provides the following definitions for resolution: a firm determination to do something; find a solution; harmonic change; decide firmly on a course of action; to heal. Resolution is applicable to many situations. Personal improvement. Starting fresh. Out with the old and in with the new.


This concept can be applied to many processes besides improving oneself. It can also be applied to updating and remodeling your home. Go into each room of your home.

Objectively critique the area. Would that wall or fireplace be given new life if you applied solid granite stack split stone? Would it lead to harmonic change? Is it time to find a solution to an underutilized uninviting backyard?

Interior Designer

Work with a designer who is knowledgeable in solid recycled granite products and decide on the course of action you will be taking in 2018. Take the time to make that dream a reality and you can ring in the new year with pride for reaching your goal.

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