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Customer Appreciation Party!

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

One Saturday in December our manufacturing facility was the party spot in Tucson. We hosted a Customer Appreciation Party – and boy, oh boy, do we appreciate our customers! While “Jingle Bells”, “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” and other holiday songs were adding festive ambiance throughout the air, we popped popcorn and made ‘smores over a solid granite fire pit!

Attendees got backstage passes to see firsthand how we take remnant granite and turn it into stacked split stone veneer and granite pavers. Our process keeps the stone in its natural solid state – no crushing or reforming. During their tour they were educated on how their purchase actually helped the environment by removing the granite from the post-consumer waste cycle.

Our customers are Mountain Heroes! Each one who had completed their design project had their picture taken while holding a sign that indicated how many pounds of granite were diverted from the landfill.

There was some good natured competition going on between them as to who would end up being the top Mountain Hero at next year’s party.

We found out our customers really love our products whether they are do-it-yourself people or utilized our expert installation team. So as we raise a glass of spiced cider, we give each of our Mountain Heroes a hearty “Thank You”!

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