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Autumn Nights

Finally Fall is here! This is my most favorite time of the year. Cool evenings and gorgeous autumn colors sliding into October where there are even

cooler temperatures when enjoying the outdoors. I have decided that this year I will formalize my outdoor space with a new landscaping project. I’ve been looking at various resources to come up with my design ideas to create a stunning focal point.

I want to celebrate the natural outdoors and will do this by going with stone, perhaps even granite. Granite is so durable and can add natural bling with mica and crystal. It is a wonderful product for

hardscaping through the addition of a patio made of solid granite pavers. And granite pavers are so versatile. I’m going to try my installation abilities by building a fire pit and adding some seating to accommodate all my friends and family who will be joining me around the fire.

Nothing speaks to “Life is Good!”, as a well designed outdoor living space with great looking products. My feet are going to stay warm on the edge of the fire pit while I sip my hot apple cider. You may catch me there watching for falling stars…

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