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A Home Show Advantage

I love attending home shows! Luckily we are close to several cities that will have them periodically over the year. We make an event out of the event – spend a day weaving and zigzagging down the aisles with the rest of the visitors.

Checking out a display and perusing new products, ideas, and concepts. We recently attended a home show in Tucson – two levels of interesting possibilities at the Convention Center. As a homeowner I find so many different design choices that could be installed at my place – some over a weekend, others needing competent installation to achieve the same design pattern that rivals something seen on HDTV. Home shows often bring various home improvement stars to draw the customers in and to provide self-help tips. One of the last home shows I attended had the mother/daughter team from “Two Chicks and a Hammer”. They provided antidotal information on things that went well and not so well in remodels they have done. I find it quite fascinating that things don’t always go as planned even for the experts. It makes me feel more confident in doing it myself. Besides getting to see new products, home shows provide a venue for ‘one stop shopping’. Whether you are shopping for pavers, furniture, or cookware, at a good home show there will be several different vendors carrying the same basic product. This makes it so helpful to see the same product in different materials, designs, and cost levels. It helps to narrow down your choices and you may even find the perfect something that you never knew was available all from to a home show.

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