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Out With The Old and In With The Really Old

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Like really, really old. Try millions to billions of years old. Of course I'm talking about our granite products and not the yogurt I found in the back of my fridge.

Specifically I'm talking about a fireplace renovation we recently did. We covered up the dated brick that the homeowner was trying to hide behind strategically placed furniture. The room was awkward to be in, the whole flow was off since they didn't have a room they could enjoy. It was like walking into a home and the family dog is licking himself nonstop and no one says anything, you're all just ignoring it and hoping it goes away. That was this fireplace. No matter how many ways they tried to hide it it was still a dated brick fireplace.

Then they found our company and fell in love with our products. The Quasimodo fireplace could go away! A & E Recycled Granite came in and went to work, installing Venetian Blend over the brick. In two days their entire room was transformed! New stone, new mantel, new custom made hearth with medallion insets and a completely new look! It went from awkward licky dog to Best In Show!

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