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A Novel Idea

This last month I've been exploring the option of writing a book about the challenges of mountain saving. It's not going to have the suspense of surviving a mountain climb or the thrill of making it to the peak. There are no tales of lost limbs or frostbite, though I did break my finger manufacturing once. No movie deal will come of it, though I'd love for Kate McKinnon to play me.

However, I do feel that starting this industry has been an interesting adventure. Let's forget the fact that it's a family run business and the shenanigans are strong with us. There have been so many things we've learned along the way; like snakes love to hide inside our pallets of stone and with this being Tucson they have always been rattlers. Or that when you spend all day lifting heavy stone when you go to lift a box you don't have to use all your strength otherwise you might hit yourself in the face with it. (Lessons learned)

Not everything has been funny, how about the guy that called to have us collect his remnant material from his backyard, scattered here and there and way more than a single kitchen. When I told him we charge by the hour for hand loading, he promptly told me he was going to smash all of my precious pieces of mountain into bits and toss it in his waste bin and that it would probably take him two years to get rid of it all (that tells you how much he had) and that I was supposed to think of this until 2019 and know that I was too greedy to save it. This was a guy that had checked out my website and knew how much that would bother me and he also thinks my employees don't like a paycheck for working. Being green doesn't mean working for free.

There have been teaching moments and thought provoking experiences, even some unexpected consequences, like what lifting tons of stone a week does to your husbands biceps. Through it all there has been a mountain of stone. Tons of it, coming through our door every week, all of it useful and all of it waste to industry standards.

Anyway, not sure if it will go anywhere, but I am curious on whether you'd read it?

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