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A Cool Installation

Wow! August in Tucson is brutal. Triple digits and intense sunlight can make it feel like you live in an oven. Everyone says you don't have to shovel sunshine, but you don't cook in the snow either.

This time of year exterior installations are tough on the crew. Most of time they call it a day when it breaks 110 which can be as early as 11am. But our August install had everyone wanting to work... it was a pool redo! The homeowner wanted the outdated tile removed and our Split Stone in Desert Blend added to the planters. Since the curved areas extended over the water line there was only one way to put the stone on and that was by diving in.

With owner Josh on site there were no shenanigans, but you did have to get in the water to apply the stone. It turned out beautiful - adding interest and character to a unique pool.

installing stone by a pool

waterfall feature

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