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Setting the Stage

AE Recycled Granite has done many backyard installations. We've come in and added a patio space where the owner has wanted grass or faded concrete pavers removed. We've refaced BBQ islands, benches and fireplaces with our Split Stone transforming an existing space into something fresh, renewed and beautiful.

New Construction - Backyard

However, this time was different. This time we were called in to Set the Stage - To create a space that all other elements in the backyard would then compliment. Recycled Granite was the star!

Paver Installation

We walked into the builder’s basic backyard (aka: a dirt lot) and set to work. The owner had custom designed a outdoor seating area, making a focal point for their guests to enjoy. We laid Recycled Granite Pavers and built the custom bench, facing it with Earth Blend Split Stone. The yard started to come alive.

When we finished, the transformation was amazing. Where there had only been dirt,

Stone Wall Veneer

there was now sparkle and interest! This yard will continue to grow and develop its personality and through it all Recycled Granite will be the keystone within the design.

We're saving mountains... one beautiful project at a time!

Backyard Patio and Bench

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