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Why Sacrifice the Color?

In Southern Arizona it's no secret that our summers are intense, most of the Southwest is. We have a strong relationship with the sun and with its effects, mainly its ability to bleach everything man-made of its color.




You see it everywhere and it really doesn't take long for it to start happening. From your house paint to your hair color anything dyed will eventually die out.

​This also includes the faux stone siding that is popping up everywhere. These concrete molded and dyed products really don't have the beauty of stone at all, but give them 3 years in our scorching climate and they turn into drab blobs plastered onto the side of your home, office or restaurant.

Concrete pavers
Old faded concrete pavers

What was once an expensive palette of 4 or 5 colors turns into a singular nondescript shade. You see it with all the concrete pavers too. Eventually that 4 piece concrete paver set loses it's complimentary colors and starts complimenting regular concrete instead.

So why sacrifice the color when choosing a Paver or a stone accent? Why not work with real stone instead?

Many of our clients are happy to see a natural stone product in an easy to use product. When they think stone pavers they anticipate large, irregular pieces of flagstone whereas our Recycled Granite Pavers come in a range of easy to use sizes. The best part... they get prettier the older they get! The stone comes alive, revealing more color, more sparkle and more personality.

Recycled Granite Paver sidewalk

Our Split Stone for wall applications is the same way. It's made from a mountain and it ages just as beautifully. Ever seen a dyed concrete wall veneer that's been chipped? - a scar of bland cement is left. Ever seen a natural stone wall that's been chipped? - first off, good luck finding it. Beneath is just more stone, more color and more character. Real stone has beauty on the inside too!

If you live in a desert climate, like Tucson, Phoenix or even Las Vegas, stop sacrificing on color! Pick a product that can weather our unique environment. And better yet... pick something recycled. Might as well save a mountain one beautiful project at a time!

Concrete vs. Stone Pavers

> Concrete Pavers vs. Granite Pavers? - There is no comparison on looks, longevity and strength.

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