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Designing for Change - Eco-friendly Style

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Design style

The soul of design has changed dramatically over the last two decades. Imparting on American culture the need to be aware, not only of the look and feel of style but also how it impacts our lives. This is not something you can see at first glance, if you compared a home decorated in the 1920's versus one decorated today -- on the surface they would look quite similar. It is the essence of the room that is changed.

The rich wood cabinetry will be made from sustainably harvested trees. The lighting that illuminates the no VOC paint comes from LED bulbs. The rug will be made from organically grown cotton, woven from fair trade manufacturers. The furniture would contain petroleum-free foam cushions and the windows are no longer single pane glass. The soul of the room has changed, it's not only beautiful but beautifully eco-friendly.

Even rock is experiencing a renaissance. With companies like ours, we're bringing back the look of natural stone with the eco-friendly soul of recycled material. Now you don't have to get a man-made, dyed concrete faux stone that will fade out in a few years, you can get the lasting look of solid stone without supporting the mining industry. Substance and Style. From facade's to fireplaces, patios to powder rooms, Recycled Granite is leaving it's mark on design and the American culture. Many didn't even realize stone could be recycled and now they have come to embrace it.

It's amazing that we can enjoy timeless style with modern personality. This change has inspired and driven designers to breathe fresh life into out-dated looks. It's encouraged the melding of new and old giving way to bold, trend-setting expressions. It's created a sub-culture that expects modern sustainability mixed with classic construction.

It's a beautiful alliance!

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