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A Job Well Done

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Pictures can say a thousand words and these pics of a recent AE Recycled Granite fireplace install say... Amazing... Stunning... Beautiful!

Fireplace renovation

This fireplace was a bit on the boring side, certainly nothing to feature in a magazine. It was a standard builder look, some ceramic tiles slapped up around the fire box. Whoop-dee-do. At least that's what the owners thought.

They talked about redoing it for years, but couldn't decide on a new look. They knew it was hideous but they were afraid of picking out the new look. What if they got it wrong and ended up with something just as ugly and they actually spent money on it. Not good. So they debated and dreamed.... until they found us.

And they fell in love!

Our Venetian Blend was exactly what they were hoping for. A stacked stone design with a handsome color palette. No pinks, no grays. A macho combinations of Coppers, Browns and a dazzling amount of mica sparkle! It inspired them to make their fireplace even larger, so they had it wrap around the media alcove giving the stone room to make a major statement. WOW!

But don't just take my word for it... let the pictures do the talking!

Stacked Stone Fireplace
Venetian Fireplace

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