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SAHBA Home Show Time!

It's spring and we're rocking it down at the SAHBA Home Show in the Tucson Convention Center. We've got our Pavers on display and our new gorgeous Gas Fire Pit Kit. We really wish we could light the sucker up (and we've had a lot of customers ask us too) but the Fire Marshall frowned upon that idea. Darn!

Working the SAHBA Home Show

Aric getting another coffee float

We love talking to our customers, sharing about our awesome products (did you know we make it out of scrap stone?!) and hanging out with other local companies. We eat a ton of food from the food trucks (mostly Aric and its Coffee floats from Pin Up Pastries).

We've also seen several of our previous customers and it's so cool to hear how they love their projects, loved working with us and talk about us all the time! Awww... it's icing on the cake to be appreciated for something you love doing.

Next show Julie will redesign and revamp the booth look and we'll have something new and exciting to share with Tucson. I bet you can't wait for the Fall show!

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