Method of Manufacturing

Whenever I meet people at home shows or the showroom I'm often asked how we manufacture our product. While most assume that we crush the countertop remnants and use an adhesive to form the pieces into our products, our actual process is much simpler. We take the discarded granite directly from the manufacturers, and use a variety of hydraulic presses to simply crack the granite into the

correct shape. Imagine a massive cookie-cutter that can push downward with a force of one hundred tons, and then use that cutter on a piece of granite. Much like a cookie, the granite will break to the shape of the stamp, turning it into one of our various products. Using this method means that our products are made of solid stone, preserving its natural beauty and inherent toughness. So, the next time you decide to accent your kitchen or put in a new patio, remember AE Recycled Granite for a product that's both captivating and durable.

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