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Goodbye Ziva

Yesterday was an emotional day as the crew from A & E Recycled Granite and the Olauson family said goodbye to their beautiful dog, Ziva.

Ziva relaxing

Ziva was a remarkable Lab and an amazing employee. Always ready to greet customers with a toy in her mouth and a wiggle butt, she would politely walk to the front door to say hi.

Ziva at the office

She'd play with employees on their break and was always willing to share whatever you brought for lunch.

In November she was diagnosed with mutli-centric lymphomic cancer and the Vet prepared us for a quick goodbye, since this cancer moves quickly once it presents itself. Thinking it was going to be a hard Christmas, we were overwhelmingly blessed with an amazing holiday. Her 12+ year old body (Ziva was a rescue, so we're not entirely sure how old she was) responded very well to treatment and she had a wonderful vacation with her family in Prescott.

Jeeping with the family

She enjoyed playing in the snow and going jeeping through the Mingus Mountains. She was prescribed lots of love and treats from the Vet so she had an unlimited amount of Christmas cookies.

January and February saw the ups and downs of end stage cancer, but she never once lost her appetite or friendly personality. However, February 21st ended with her feeling very tired and just wanting to snuggle with her family. The next morning she turned down breakfast and was ready to say goodbye. Ziva passed quietly with her family present and with her friends at the Pantano Animal Clinic. A&E closed for the rest of the day to give the family some time.

Ziva will be remembered for her sweet, quiet spirit that would follow you up the steepest trail, snuggle with you at the end of the day and her amazing ability to always want a snack.

Ziva enjoying her Christmas

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