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The Best DIY Contest for 2016

Every year AE Recycled Granite holds an online competition for the best of the best in customer installed projects. This year three amazing installs will compete for bragging rights and an evening out at BJ's Pizza and Brewery. Yum!

This year we've arranged the entree's into types of projects; landscaping, exterior home and interior home. Our customers get very creative on how they use the products we manufacture and this gives you the best way to see all the different applications.

Paver sidewalk and planters

Our landscaping entree is from James in California. Using almost a ton and a half of Recycled Granite material, James decided to give his front yard the ultimate in curb appeal. He first installed a generous Earth Blend Paver walkway, framing it in the Denali Blend Pavers and incorporating pathway lights into the edges. Next he tackled three planters in Latte Blend Split Stone and used the remaining dark pavers as capstones which added height and drama to his yard. James enjoys learning new DIY skills and decided to challenge himself with this project. The effort was well worth it - this GORGEOUS yard is truly the envy of the neighborhood!

Chiseled stone columns on home

Our exterior home project is from Allie and Emily in California. Allie and Emily love their home but were tired of the boring, plain stucco look. Creating a dramatic entry, they decided to wrap all the the columns of their house in a mix of Midnight and Earth Blend Split Stone Tiles. This project was level Expert, but they knew the effects would be amazing. They researched, asked for advise and finally dove into the project adding 1,155 pounds of stone to their home’s exterior. Allie & Emily transformed their home - going from boring to BEAUTIFUL!

Split-face stone backsplash

Our interior home project is from Scott in Arizona. Looking to add a little sparkle to his home, Scott decided to install El Capitan Gray Split Stone to his kitchen’s backsplash. This was the perfect color, since it matched his gray countertops and design style. New to stone installation, he tackled the project like a PRO, adding over 300 pounds of tile, and completed the beautiful focal point over a weekend. Scott created an AMAZING look and added an AMAZING amount of sparkle to his home!

The Facebook contest will run until this Friday, giving you plenty of opportunity to vote and share your favorite. To vote, visit our Facebook page at

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