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From Waste to WOW!

You can recycle granite?

That's the number one question we get when we first introduce our products to people. Plastics, paper, metal and rubber are what most people think of when it comes to recyclable materials - no one ever thinks of stone.

Granite ready for manufacturing

So how do we convert scrap stone into useable materials? - by being creative. Well... being creative and using a lot of sheer force. When you see a pile of scrap like this, usability is the last thing

people think of. That's where creativity come into play and we have to think about which product each scrap piece can be used for; Is it large enough for a Paver? Does the color work with our Split Stone blends? How scratched is the surface for a Subway Tile? In fact, each piece of stone is evaluated which is easy to do since we handle every piece of scrap individually. (Maybe not easy... 3cm granite weighs 18lbs per square foot which means some of our scrap is too heavy for a single person to lift.)

Once it's been sorted it's time for manufacturing and that's when our second most asked question comes up...

Do you crush it and reform it with glue to make your products?

That would be a big "no". We keep all of our products 100% natural. No glues, no resins and no epoxy's, which means all of our products are environmentally healthy.

Manufacturing in Arizona

It requires a lot of sheer force to manufacture our stone building materials. We use machines that can exert a lot of pressure and we have to, granite is one of the strongest natural materials on our planet. It's strength is one of the reasons it's so popular, the beauty it adds to your home will last a long time.

Once people see it and understand the story behind our stone, then we get our third most popular question...

Where can I put it in my home?

Well, anywhere. Since it's a solid stone product, you can install it inside and out. Whether you're looking to add some curb appeal or freshen up an out-dated fireplace; Recycled Granite gives you that serious WOW factor!

Sand Blend patio
Sunset Blend fireplace design

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