Going for the Gold, Silver and Bronze in Design.

Tonight is the opening ceremony for the Olympics and the excitement of the games starts with tonight's pageantry. There will be music, dance and the presentation of the Countries. With Brazil hosting these games we're sure tonight's celebration will be one for the record books!

Soon everyone will be watching the athletes compete for the Gold, Silver and Bronze. How amazing to know that you are THE best in the world. The excitement of standing on the podium knowing you represented your country and won! Who wouldn't want to bring that type of positive energy into their own homes.

Adding a flash of Gold adds a feeling of positive warmth to your design. It's a confident shade that

gives you the feeling of success - Now who doesn't want to wake up to that! Gold comes in soft or bold hues and can create a gentle glow in a room or a pop of flash that delivers a serious boost.

Silver creates a feeling of strong, calm energy and can act as anchor in many design styles.

It can be vibrant and flashy or balanced and elegant. Silver comes in warm or cool tones and is a harmonious shade that works with Modern architecture and Rustic design. Silver is the ultimate team player and that makes it a winner!

Bronze creates a serious, down-to-earth strength in your design. It gives a feeling of luxury and

relaxation. Blending well with other natural elements, like wood, leather and stone, Bronze gives an aura of comfort and friendship. Sounds like a good room to grab a drink and hang out with some friends!

While you're watching the Olympics this week, look around your room and see if you can bring home the Gold, Silver and Bronze in your design!

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