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Guess the Granite Contest WINNER!!!

Guess The Granite Contest

This year at the Maricopa County Home and Landscape Show at the beautiful University of Phoenix Stadium we presented visitors with a challenge, guess how many pounds of A & E Recycled Granite products we featured in our booth — and we had it everywhere!

Best Pavers at the Home Show

From the beautiful Paver floor, to the Split Stone Mailbox and Bench and our amazing Round Grillin' Pit. All the way down to our recycled granite business card holders. Some found the game overwhelming, others enjoyed calculating and many grabbed a friend to get their opinion! However they chose to guess it was amazing to watch our guests walk around the display, exploring all the ways we use granite waste.


Let’s talk a little bit about that. A & E Recycled Granite works with countertop fabricators and diverts their scrap from our local landfills. Pieces like sink cut-outs and side cut-offs (that would normally end up in the dump) we pick-up and recycle into useable granite building materials. All of the products that we manufacture are solid granite, we don’t crush and reform them with any type of chemical. We manufacture Pavers, Split Stone Tiles, Fire Pits and our new line of Subway Tiles!

Last year A & E Recycled Granite diverted 1.5 million pounds of granite scrap from the Tucson and Phoenix landfills. Our booth, with its staggering amount of products, represented an average week of waste from 1 fabricator. That's a lot of beautiful granite sitting in our landfills taking up space!

Sooo... how much did the all the recycled granite in our booth weigh???

4,838 Pounds!

Our winner used a combination of Calculating and Guessing ( we'll call it Calcu-essing) to come to her incredibly close answer -- Only 12 pounds away from actual weight!

With an entry of 4,850 pounds our winner is:

Kristie Mayhew!

Congratulations from everyone at A & E Recycled Granite and our #DirtyShoeCrew!

Fun Facts from the Contest!

Number of people needed to load-in our booth display :


Number of hours it took to carry in and set-up our 10x10 booth :


Number of kids that helped their parents by doing Math over the summer :


Honorable Mentions:

J. Landis with a submission of 4,865


M.Ferrel, L. Clayton & T. O'Driscoll each guessed 4,800

Weight of the Fire Pit Prize:

624 pounds

Number of Entries:


Most Common Guess:

7 submissions for 3,600 pounds

Lowest Guess:

258 pounds

Highest Guess:

70 Tons (140,000 pounds)

Great Job Everyone and thanks for learning more about A & E Recycled Granite!

Arizona's Eco-friendly manufacturer of Recycled Granite Building Materials

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