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DIYers knockout some amazing results!

I am frequently amazed at our DIY customers, with little to no experience they are able to take our products and knockout an amazing outcome. Their excitement about transforming their space is contagious and it really is a pleasure to work with them. They call us for advise, to talk about how sparkly a tile is, how they found an easier way to work around an outlet or to just say "Hi".

Every January we host the "Best DIY Project" contest and we give our Facebook followers the chance to vote on their favorite project. The winner gets an evening out and the opportunity to know that their hard work paid off. This year our email box is already brimming with submissions for next January, so we thought we'd give our readers a glimpse at some of the Do-It-Yourself contenders to look out for! The gloves are definitely on this year and we're seeing some serious remodeling projects!

From Etiwanda, California and weighing in at 900 pounds of AE Recycled Granite Split Stone Tile Veneer... We have the Allie and Emily project! Transforming the outside of their home by creating some serious curb appeal, they installed a custom blend of Midnight and Earth. Their design works beautifully with their homes color palette. Say "Hello" to Contender #1!

Midnight Blend columns

From Surprise, Arizona and weighing in at 700 pounds of AE Recycled Granite Split Stone Tile Veneer... We have the Skip and Sue project! Giving their master bathroom an Arizona spa feel meant they ripped out the dated fiberglass surround and installed Superstition Ridge in their shower. Say "Hello" to Contender #2!

Master Bathroom
Master Shower

From Beaumont, California and weighing in at over 7,000 pounds of AE Recycled Granite Pavers and Split stone this heavy-weight project was completed by James T! James is a die-hard DIYer and his project involved remaking his frontyard to create a space that is the envy of his street. Wait until you see the finished design. Say "Hello" to Contender #3!

Adding curb appeal

Now, we only get to nominate 3 projects in January 2017 for this Years "Best DIY Project" and with submissions coming in weekly, the competition is going to be tight! As you can see homeowners are stepping up their game and reaching for the Title by doing some serious remodeling! Great Job and keep the submissions coming in!

AE Recycled Granite and the #DirtyShoeCrew

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