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We ❤︎ Earth Day

Today is Earth Day and what a beautiful day it is. The sun is shining here in Tucson, with a gentle breeze. It makes me want to take a walk outside along the Pantano Wash bike trail - perhaps something to do this evening.

This year for Earth Day we're appreciating everything that has been done to preserve and protect our planet. People are encouraging sustainability, innovating new green products and protecting our natural resources.

This year at the spring Home and Garden show at the TCC, they had recycle containers by the food truck venue -- first time attendees could choose to recycle their water bottles and plastic utensils after lunch. I think that's amazing! The changes might seem small, but it's a positive change in the right direction.

So today for Earth Day, make one small change - it'll make a world of difference when we all do it!

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