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The Fireplace Fix - Part 1

I'm the type of person that loves to look at homes. I just enjoy seeing architecture and design ideas, so I visit open houses and model homes almost as a hobby. I think it's interesting, especially in older homes, to see how people work with styles and floorplans that are no longer current, how creative they get to make the house seem modern.

Outdated and drab.

However, here in Tucson, I've noticed a trend.... there are a LOT of ugly fireplaces in this town. There are the untouched, drab, dated fireplaces that seem out-of-place next to fresh paint, updated flooring and chic, contemporary designs.

There are fireplaces that people just couldn't stand, so they ​slapped a coat of paint or 10 on to try to impart new life into them.

A painted beast
Swiss Cheese drywall?

Then there are the strange drywalled, cabinet-mimicking fireplaces from the 90's - I just cringe thinking about dusting every single shelf.

So what can you do?

Well, if you've got a weekend and a desire not to look at an ugly fireplace anymore -- you can accomplish some amazing results. Most fireplaces average about 40 square feet so the time and money investment are minimal to give it an update. Of course, I've seen surrounds as small as 8 square feet and then there are some full wall surrounds that are over 100 square feet. ( Those are the ones I LOVE installing - the change is SO dramatic! )

Sand Blend

Skills? -- you don't need no stinking skills! If you know how to frost a cookie and use a level, you can do it! Ok, there's a few more steps involved when installing, but it's a very simple process. We've walked hundreds of DIYers through the steps and all of their results have been beautiful. With no demolition necessary and the ability to install our split stone tiles over existing drywall, brick and block, it means you can have a quick turn-around.

Part 2 of this series I'll walk you through the steps for installing on a fireplace, what tools you'll need, what tools are optional and how to get the best look for your design.

~ Arizona Julie

Earth Blend Fireplace

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