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An Affinity for Design

I enjoy working with clients on their design choices. Even though we are predominately a manufacturer, we occasionally have a DIYer come in that is working on a whole room (or house) concept. They'll be spec'ing in our split stone for a fireplace, a backsplash, or even accent walls and they want every part of their design to work.

Design Options

I've noticed that flooring, cabinets and even our Split Stone will be an easy decision for them to select the one they want.

Wanna know what gives the owner the biggest headache? -- paint choice.

Now-a-days you can pick from any color in the spectrum, which means that there are millions of choices out there. How do you know whether this gray or this slightly different shade of gray will work... or what about this even grayer gray?

Benjamin Moore Affinity Colors

That is why I am in love with Benjamin Moore Affinity colors. Every color harmonizes with all the other colors in the pack. It's so easy to find a paint that works!

Doing rich, Espresso cabinets with travertine floors and a Master shower clad in Venetian? -- Farm Fresh looks fabulous!

Doing a cool linen look in a living room with dark oak flooring and a Glacier Split Stone accent wall? -- Blue Echo ties it all together!

Glacier Blend

The great thing is if you decide to incorporate a different color palette in an adjoining room - Affinity has a shade that will harmonize!

~ Arizona Julie

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