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Kiss Me - We're GREEN!

The glorious Potato!

Ahhh Saint Patrick's Day! A wonderful American holiday where we celebrate all things O'Irish. We eat Corned Beef and Cabbage or Shepherd's Pie or have a simple (yet amazingly glorious) Potato. We show-off our best Irish step dancing, try and talk with a "wee bit of a lilt" and above all else wear GREEN! If you don't wear that color you open yourself up to another tradition - the pinch. I can tell you my family has always enjoyed that part of Saint Patrick's day a little too much! Green is a big part of this holiday and a big part of the Irish culture. To visit Ireland is to really experience green for the first time.

When it comes to the Irish they are completely dedicated to their land, their beautiful Inis of rolling green hills. So much of their history, mythology and lore is interconnected with


the beautiful corner of Earth they were blessed with. To them protecting their land is protecting their past and preserving the stories generations of Irish and Irish descendants listened too. I grew up hearing tales of the faerie folk, watching out for mushroom circles and learning about the Cows of Cooley. My family always had a spark of mischievousness and are real passion for a good story! We also know that the land we live on effects our lives, within our past, present and future.

Recycled Granite Bench

So this year on Saint Patrick's Day, don't just wear green - Be Green! Put on your green shirt and grab your reusable grocery bags when you step out to buy potatoes today. When you go out for your green beer — carpool with your friends or hire Uber to be safe and green! If you're staying home with family and cooking your own Irish fare — remember to recycle your cans and bottles. Heck - dance an Irish jig to the recycle barrel! I'll be sitting on my A & E Recycled Granite bench, listening to the wind rustle the trees, hearing the birds sing and telling my kids a tale of Queen Madb.

Dheagh slainte!

From our family to yours - Irish Mashed Casserole - Enjoy!

Family Recipe

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