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The Subway Tile Revival

In every design there is always a product that gets revamped, retooled and redesigned bringing it back into relevancy. From fashion trends to automotive body lines to interior design elements... all of it can be made new again. In home design, with the rise of shows like Fixer Upper, with the adorable and super talented Gaines', Subway Tiles are once again becoming a fixture in interior projects.

Porcelain Tile Kitchen backsplash

Unlike the Subway Tiles of old, the new trend is everything and anything can become a tile... there are so many different varieties your options are practically limitless!

With glass, porcelain, ceramic, natural stone, wood and even metal you can find a material and a color to works with your project and space.

Metal Subway Tile in bathroom

Want an edgy feel? Install a tile in Stainless Steel. Want Industrial? Try a reclaimed wood Subway Tile. Want to add interest on a tight budget? Porcelain is an economic way to get the look you want. Looking for an elegant, natural design? Go with stone. Whether its travertine, marble or granite the aura it creates is unsurpassed.

Recycled Granite Subway Tile

The Subway Tile Revival also includes thinking outside the box in locations to install. Normally resigned to bathrooms and backsplashes - subway tiles are now popping up in unexpected places with amazing results. Fireplaces, Dining Room accent walls, Home Office wainscoting and even Master Bedroom headboards!

The key to introducing any type of subway tile and getting it to feel updated and modern - stick with your overall design concept by keeping your color palette cohesive. Remember your grout color will effect the final look!

Have fun when considering placement - install them in an unexpected place to add interest and color!

Think outside the box when selecting the material - updating a study but don't want wood paneling, create luxury by using a marble subway tile!

The Revival is all about being creative!

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