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The "Light" Way

When it comes to getting the best look for your design you pour over paint samples, fabric choices, accent pieces and work to incorporate elements that accentuate your style. You'll search for inspiration from magazines, Pinterest, Houzz and Google to see what's in vogue at the time.

Design Magazines

Then the hard work starts, you begin remodeling. Even if you hire designers, painters and contractors you still have the mess and upheaval to deal with and when you're a DIYer, well.. you're in the thick of it all.

You know its worth it. When you crack open the paint can you get excited to see your color about to go up.

Painting your project

You feel satisfaction at instantly seeing results. When you lay tile and finally finish the room you take pride in the new look, not to mention the joy at standing up and giving your poor knees a break. It's your project, your design and it's coming together - I love that feeling!

So what happens when you're all finished and it just doesn't feel quite right. Something is off. The tile and wood don't harmonize with the paint color, even though you checked and rechecked. The pillows look dated and the decorations look drab. What happened? You were so careful, so sure and so focused to do it right.

Perhaps the problem is right above you. Lighting. With new bulbs and lighting hues being introduced daily most people don't even think of coordinating their bulbs.


LEDs in pure white pull out the gray tones. Fluorescents give off a warm light and accent brown tones. If you have fluorescent bulbs in your ceiling fan giving off a warm glow and then a floor lamp with a cool LED, that part of your room can appear drab and visually depressing. The opposite can be true...

Kitchen lighting with cabinets and countertops

If you have LEDs in your kitchen ceiling sparkling down on your crisp, clean white and gray kitchen BUT have a fluorescent installed in your vent hood that part of your design will look dingy, dirty and unclean. Simply because your lighting is wrong.

So before you decide you're the worst DIY designer ever or try and return your paint because you're sure they mixed it wrong. Check your light bulbs. It might be time to rehabilitate the way you illuminate!

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