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Picking Perfect Paver Patterns

Picking Perfect Paver Patterns... say that 5 times fast!

When it comes to installing pavers most people focus on location, material type and pricing - which are good things! Yet not a lot of people consider the paver patterns themselves. For curb appeal you might use multiple sizes, creating interest with varied pieces, but I'm talking about selecting the best pattern for your project when it comes to structural integrity.

Earth Blend Recycled Granite driveway

Certain patterns are stronger and more suited for specific applications. It all comes down to the joints. So essentially you're selecting the perfect joint pattern for your project. Let's say your installing a paver driveway and you've done your homework and gotten the base perfectly prepped.

Recycled Granite Herringbone pattern driveway

You've decided on using Recycled Granite Pavers. The pavers are certainly strong enough to handle the weight of a vehicle and they're going to look beautiful for decades. Heck - there are entire cities in Europe with stone streets that have been around for centuries - stone is a strong, naturally beautiful material!

So what's the issue? -Shifting. The joint lines are the weakest element of a paver installation. Rain, frost, friction, time and even insects can wear down the joint material making it loose and unstable. So over the years as

Paver joints

your cars drive back and forth the pavers start to shift around, turning your once perfect drive into a haphazard display of crookedness.

When you're talking large areas with high level traffic, there are some patterns you want to avoid. For a driveway, the worst would be Running Bond. The Running Bond pattern features pavers laid out in long straight lines, end to end, with no break in the lateral lines. That also means that your joint lines are long, uninterrupted bands. It's only a matter of time before the joint material erodes and you start to get a wiggle. On a pattern like this, even the slightest deviation is noticeable. Instead install a Herringbone pattern. By creating a woven design, your joints are also staggered allowing them to lock into the pavers surrounding them.

Driveway with Herringbone 3 piece pattern recycled granite pavers
3 piece Herringbone pattern driveway with recycled granite pavers

Now nothing can compensate for proper joint maintenance, removing weeds quickly, keeping ants from burrowing into them and yearly reapplication of the joint material after the rainy season. By keeping your joints as strong as possible you'll avoid the dreaded "shift' and have a project that'll keep your neighbors talking about it for centuries!

A country club with recycled granite paver driveway

Common Locking Joint Patterns: Herringbone, Offset Rosette, Step Bond and Basketweave.

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