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A Beautiful Option

With all the talk in the Southwest about drought and water shortages, people are scrambling to do their part to preserve while maintaining property values. The sight of a barren, brown scraggly patch of grass doesn't really do much for curb appeal. The traditional bright green, perfectly manicured lawns have been the standard for perfection when it comes to what people expect to see.

However, in places like Arizona, California and Nevada green grass isn't really a viable option, much less a native one. More and more Landscape Architects, Consumers and Designers are starting to appreciate the beauty of a low-water landscape. Native nurseries are starting to pop up all over the region, showcasing the appeal of local plants.

While people are enjoying this new found appreciation of local flora, they still understand that some irrigation has to occur. Certain neighborhoods allow for rainwater harvesting, while some HOA's don't want the barrels as part of the front yard. So how can you have your yard capture rain water in a beneficial way? By adjusting your hardscape.

Traditional sidewalks, patios and driveways are poured concrete, which contributes to water run-off. All that beautiful rain, flows right past your new, native landscape and straight into the street and sewers. Switching out cement for paver pathways, gives an easier walkway than crushed rock and has the added benefit of being semi-permiable. All the rain water then sinks through the joint lines and into the ground - keeping it on your property and close to your plants.

Imagine having a gorgeous outdoor space that adds value to your home. A design that not only uses less water, but goes that extra step to replenish groundwater.

Consider the beauty of Recycled Granite Pavers when you reimagine your hardscape and add the benefit of a locally recycled product to your dream make-over.

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