A Place to Unwind

In today’s society it is easy to move away from an appreciation of nature. It is difficult to carve out time to just sit and enjoy. However, there are ways

that nature can be incorporated into design features to create an easily accessible outdoor space where you can experience a simpler moment.

Using recycled granite pavers to build a patio and flower boxes creates an area that can move your focus from a frantic lifestyle to one that connects you with nature. Add a water feature and you have created an outdoor space filled with the scents, sounds, and textures of all natural sustainable materials.

It is a wonderful way to find balance between the hardscape and natural features within your “unwind” spaces. Enjoy the sparkle of light against water droplets and the mica, crystal, and garnets infused in natural granite. A place to relax, recharge, and reconnect while doing your part to recycle.

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