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Showroom Remodel Sneak Peak!

After an enjoyable vacation over the 4th of July weekend we came into our showroom on Monday morning to the not so pleasant sound of "squish". It seems our water heater had decided to start leaking over the holiday and our floors were now covered in an inch of water. Well, we rolled up our sleeves (and pants) and started ripping out our wood floor. It turned out this misfortune gave us the perfect opportunity to showcase one of our new product lines... our Arizona floor tiles. (They're so beautiful that we had to name them after our state!)

We're busy installing and adding a few more unique feature to our showroom, but we wanted to give you a sneak peak of the progress. We'll be hosting a Re-Opening party soon, stay tuned for an invitation and a special feature on the completed look.

Getting started

Josh is laying out the pattern we'll use on the installation.

Butter those tiles!

When it comes to mixing thinset - it's all about the base.

Installing the new flooring in our showroom.

Arizona Tiles are made from solid granite, so they are truly spectactular to look at.

We're not finished yet, but the room is really starting to come together. The design is perfect!

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