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Gibson Court Design

Gibson Court

The Gibson Court project is underway in downtown Tucson and it's looking amazing. This outdoor living space features 2,000 square foot of A & E Recycled Granite Pavers in our Earth Blend. This blend perfectly compliments the historic brick buildings, industrial accents and downtown vibe of the design. This melding of materials and Era's is a signature touch of Miguel Fuentevilla of FORS Architecture, who is noted for repurposing salvaged items into his projects.

A&E Recycled Granite Pavers being installed

The project is still over a month from completion, however you can now start to see the design take shape.

David Willet of Building Excellence is in charge of the site and installations and renovations. This unique location will have several business open up to this beautiful courtyard. The Johnny Gibson Market, HiFi Bar and downtown Tucson's first distillery, Independent Distillery, will have their tasting room open up to the Court.

Gibson Court showing future site of Independent Distillery

Patrons will be able to visit and socialize, enjoying Tucsons amazing evening weather in the summer. They'll dine under the shade of several trees that will be planted, walk across our Paver pathways and listen to the sound of a fountain. The Gibson Court promises to be a local haven. Right now its hammers, scaffolding and dust... but soon it will be laughter, dining and music in the air.

A & E Recycled Granite Pavers at Gibson Court

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