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Why A & E Recycled Granite?

The Story Behind A&E…

In 1974, my grandparents, Alfred and Ella, started up a home heating company in Butler, Pennsylvania. They named it A&E Oil Co. They worked late, worked honest, and worked together to create a strong business reputation. Starting out at local farm shows and gradually moving into their own shop, they became a full-service installation, fabrication and delivery company. Their three kids, Connie, Mary Ellen and my Dad, Al, all worked to help grow the business, which is still in operation today.

In 2013 when my generation decided to establish this business in our home of Tucson, AZ there was no other name we wanted. To us, A&E isn’t just a title; it’s a reminder of our past, a representation of each of us, and a promise to remain united. Now four generations of our family have worked for A&E. We’re dedicated in continuing it’s legacy of being good stewards to all that God has entrusted with us.

A&E Oil Co. truck in Butler, PA. in the early 80's.

Grandpap Dean working a farm show.

Grandma Dean in the office. If you look closely she has all her grandkids (including me) school pictures on her corkboard.

The shop in downtown Butler or in yinzer speak.. Da shop in dahntahn, dabby abaht 1988. Hadda lotto fun dahn nair! Go Stillers!

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