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Fix It & Finish It Follow-up ~ a Julie post ~

What an exciting, busy, non-stop, informational, crazy time! (I'm sure I could think of a few other adjectives, but I'm sure you get the idea)

First of all 5am equals 3am in Tucson time, so a very early start, but 3 cups of coffee had me ready to go. We met up with the Production crew, the Contractor and his crew at a secret location.

Julie working on Fix It & Finish It

We can't tip-off the home owners until Antonio gives them the good news. (I hope they're awake!)

Fix It & Finish It is a new kind of renovation show, with everything being completed in one day. Very aggresive schedule, but we can do it!

Julie on set

I'm talking to Drew the producer about the install. For the Pavers we have to dig out, grade, add gravel, add a sand, level, compact and THEN we get to start the actual installation! Lot's to do and the bobcat isn't here yet.

Fix It & Finish It Set

Our gravel base just arrived. It's interesting working on a filming schedule. When the film crew needs a shot, you drop everything and walk away OR when they need a different angle you have to repeat the same task 2, 3 sometimes 6 times. It'll be interesting to see how all this footage comes together to make a show.

Fix It & Finish It set

Yes, I am totally pestering the Film and Production about their equipment. They don't seem to mind all my "what's this?", "what does this do?" "how come you do it like that?" questions.

Antonia Sabato Jr. with David Popp of Eco Granite Group.

The Pavers have arrived! Now we can get down to business. That's Davis Popp from Eco Granite shooting with Antonio Sabato Jr. Antonio loves the pavers and the fact that they're made from recycled granite.

Julie Olauson with A&E Recycled Granite in set of Fix It & Finish It

Yes, I took a selfie, but look at the Recycled Granite Pavers in the background!

Julie's gloves.

This is an intense day! Not only are we installing a 14' x 14' patio, but at the same time you have the Contractors crew building a pergola above us! So we've got ladders to work around and nails dropping from above, plus we're filming! So, time to stop and let them get their shot or install the same Paver a few times. Very, very interesting. I'm enjoying it though. ( My gloves aren't -- they're done! )

Antonio Sabato Jr. and Julie Olauson on set of Fix It & Finish It

Antonio's working on the install. He is such a hard worker and very nice! I haven't had the courage to talk to him yet, not even a hi. I tend to over-think things and I was (still am) a major nerd, so I tend to trip up on social situations.

We're about half-way done, so a little behind the film crews schedule. We have to finish before they lose the light.

(Look at that amazing plug for the Recycled Granite network on my shirt.)

We are finished! I wish I could show you the final design, but you'll have to wait for it to air on Fix It & Finish It! ( I finally said hi. OK, he finally came over and said hi. )

Antonio Sabato Jr. and Julie Olauson, of A&E Recycled Granite after filming Fix It & Finish It

Me and Drew! Awesome guy - will definitely stay in touch with him.

Julie with Andrew Doyle, Producer

Me and Eric (he's from Boston and has an amazing accent! It makes me want to watch Boondock Saints)

Julie with eric after a long day of filming

Me and Jeff. He was always smiling through-out the 15 hour day.

Julie with Jeff of Fix It & Finish It

Me and Matt. Busy, busy guy!

Matt with Fix It & Finish It and Julie

Did I mention the time I accidentially called Antonio Sabato Jr.... Antonio Banderas? Sheesh, I'm like a social jinx! (He was cool about it, but I was mortified.)

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