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Filming Fix It & Finish It! ~ a Julie post~

I'm heading over to Jackson, MS to film an episode of Fix It & Finish It starring Antonio Sabato Jr! Very excited to be working with him! ( a little nervous also ). I just saw him on an episode of Castle and WOW! I'm really excited about meeting the production crew and learning all about their trade. I am the type of person that watches all the behind-the-scenes info on every movie I buy.

Julie heading to Jackson to film on Fix It & Finish It

I'll just try to focus on the Recycled Granite Paver install. Right now it's all hush-hush over who we're surprising with a NEW backyard design. They won't even know they've been selected until the morning we go in to do the work.

Mississippi is sure GREEN compared to my Arizona.

Flying to Jackson, Mississippi

Just got to the hotel room. Very nice. I'm meeting up with David Popp from EcoGranite and Julie Rizzo from Recycled Granite to do the install. We've got to be up and ready at 5am Mississippi time. That's early for me, but looking forward to experience the excitement of filming.

My hotel room for the next few days

I'll post behind-the-scenes pictures about the show soon. Course it won't show everything, you'll have to wait for Fix It & Finish It to air it. ~ Julie

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