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Homes For Our Troops

Happy 4th of July!

Today is the day for celebration! America is the land of the free! So today, I want to introduce you to a non-profit organization that works with our Veterans. Those on the frontlines that have insured we were free yesterday, that we're free today and that we will continue to enjoy or freedoms for generations to come.

Have you heard of the non-profit Homes For Our Troops? It is an amazing organization that builds specially adapted homes for our most severly injured Veterans. Their motto is "100 More!" and that is a goal they are very passionate about. This charity removes the burden of finding or modifying a home. Working with Veterans with severe brain injuries, to spinal injuries, to those that have multi-apputations - they custom design a house that will give them the freedom to live on their own.

We, at A&E Recycled Granite, were very moved by their mission. The stories from the Veterans that they have helped and those that are waiting, is something we cannot ignore. We'll be holding a fundraiser on Sept. 9th to raise funds for their Arizona builds to benefit Sgt. Robert Bruce in Mesa and Sgt. Brian Roberts in Prescott.

Please check out their website at to learn more about their amazing mission and how you can get involved.

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