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SAHBA Home Show

A&E Recycled Granite Home Show Booth

We are all set up for the SAHBA Spring Home Show! This is our introduction to Tucson and we're excited to see what they think of their very own manufacturer of Recycled Granite products.

Josh and I have been very busy getting our booth ready. Here's a picture of us laying the Pavers. We're going to alternate polished and rough since we're inside. However when you purchase our pavers and you're installing them -- polished side down!

A&E Recycled Granite Fire Pit

Here's our Fire Pit all set-up. I wish we could light it and make smore's, but I'm prety sure the Fire Marshall would not approve.

A&E Recycled Granite Split Stone Veneer

Placed our display tower of our Split Stone Tiles in the booth. Granite comes in so many naturally beautiful colors, its easy to find a blend that works with your decor.

A & E Recycled Granite at the 2014 Spring SAHBA Home Show

All done and ready for the home show! Our booth design won "Most Creative" for products and placement. Natural stone is very beautiful and when you have Recycled Granite, it's beautifully green!

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