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Frequently Asked Questions

Product FAQs


What is Recycled Granite?
AE Recycled Granite products are created using remnant countertop material from countertop fabricators in Arizona. When creating a kitchen or bath countertop 15% - 60% of a stone slab can be cut off and discarded. Sections like; sink cut-outs and side pieces to make it fit your countertop lay-out. We create a recycling program with these fabricators, they place their remnants into our recycling bins and we pick it up instead of it going to the local landfill. All of our stone products are from 100% recycled granite, therefore preventing millions of pounds of waste from entering Arizona landfills each year. 

Is it manufactured in America?

Yes! All of our recycling and manufacturing is done in Tucson, Arizona. We are an American recycled - American manufactured building materials company!


Is the granite solid stone?

Yes! All of our products are SOLID granite!  We don't crush and reform the stone using any kind of chemical or resin. This lets you enjoy the natural beauty of the stone without any VOCs.

How strong are your Pavers?

In comparison to traditional concrete pavers, which are generally 3,000 - 5,000 psi, Recycled Granite Pavers are rated at a minimum of 19,000 psi* making them up to 3 - 5 TIMES STRONGER. The dramatic beauty and strength has been built up, layer upon layer, over millions of years. They withstand weathering and fading far better than any other stone available on the market. 

Can you guarantee exact granite types?

Since we deal with remnant material, we cannot guarantee the types of granite used. We panelize our blends by colors not granite species to ensure a consistent blend palette. This means several types of granite will fall into each of our blends.

Do your products qualify for LEED points?

Absolutely! Since our materials are manufactured from 100% post-consumer waste they earn credit points in the LEED rating system. LEED Credits for new projects and major renovations earn points from various rating categories. Please consult with your local LEED Accredited Professional for specific points and rating methods.

Is there a warranty? 

Yes! AE Recycled Granite provides a Lifetime Guarantee on the structural integrity of its granite materials to the original purchaser of the product when installed properly. Color matching cannot be guaranteed and replacement labor is not included. Proof of purchase is required. Please contact us for specific product warranty.

AE Installation FAQs

I'm a homeowner that already has a trusted installer, will you sell to me?

Absolutely!  We sell direct to the public and to commercial accounts. You can choose to purchase just the products from us or bundle with material and installation. The choice is yours - and either way together we're saving beautiful stone from going into the landfill!

I'm a DIYer and want to tackle my project on my own, do you offer install advice?

First of all, congratulations on doing your project by yourself! Adding the beauty of Recycled Granite to your home isn't that hard and we're here to help you start on the right foot. Contact us and tell us about your project.

Are the Pavers installed differently than concrete pavers?

AE Recycled Granite Pavers provide exceptional strength and beauty plus install like any other paver on the market! Our Pavers are manufactured out of remnant material from the countertop industry, therefore when installing place polished side down for the slip resistant surface. You can add the elegance of natural stone to your Patio, Sidewalk, Pool Deck and Driveway - even over existing concrete!

Is it too heavy to install on a wall?

Our Split Stone Panels weigh approximately 7 - 8lbs per square foot. This means no additional support structure is needed up to 15 feet. You can install directly over drywall, cement board, brick and stucco.

Product Sales FAQs

How do I buy your products?
If you're in Pima County, Cochise County and Santa Cruz County we provide free in-home estimates. We'll bring our displays to you, allowing you to select the best stone blend for your decor. If you live outside of Arizona - we can ship our products to you. Call us at (520)885-8970 and we can get a quote for freight once we learn more about your project needs.

I own a retail store and would like to carry your products, who do I talk to?

Email us at and include your name, company, location and best way to contact you. We'll make sure the owner gets your information! Or call us at (520)885-8970 to start the process.

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