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About AE

Our family and company continue to grow! Since we opened AE Recycled Granite in 2013, we've been handling it all; recycling, manufacturing, installations, wholesale and retail. It's not easy pioneering a new industry, but for 7 years our family has rocked! (See what we did there) It's hard work but doing it together makes it fun.

Learn more about our family and AE Recycled Granite below!

Where it all began...

. In 1974, my grandparents, Alfred and Ella, started up a home heating company in Butler, Pennsylvania. They named it A & E Oil Co.


. They worked late, worked honest, and worked together to create a strong business reputation. Starting out at local farm shows and gradually moving into their own shop, they became a full-service installation, fabrication and delivery company.


. Their three kids, Connie, Mary Ellen and my Dad, Al, all worked to help grow the business, which is still in operation today.

Our family

. In 2013 when my generation decided to establish this business in our home of Tucson, AZ there was no other name we wanted.

To us, A & E isn’t just a title; it’s a reminder of our past, a representation of each of us, and a promise to remain united. Now four generations of our family have worked for A & E. We’re dedicated in continuing it’s legacy of being good stewards to all that God has entrusted with us.


. The man with the plan! Josh brings years of experience in running a company. His high level of integrity, dedication to doing the job correctly and expertise in the field have driven AE to a whole new level.


. Julie absolutely loves her family's new company! She's an avid "rock junkie" and enjoys working with customers to find the perfect stone color to fit their design. She also handles web design and marketing.


. Anita is highly efficient in everything she does and assists in all areas of the company. She's the Office Manager, which is a professional way of saying Company Mom.


. Al has a great eye for color and assists on product selection for home shows and client projects. He's a proud 3rd generation AE member.

Aric manufacturing

Aric - a powerhouse in manufacturing and recycling. As Josh and Julie's son he makes 4 generations working for A&E.

Liam Installing

Liam has worked for the company since we opened. He enjoys installing and helping out at home shows. He's a people person!

Big Al

. The family patriarch, Al, helped his father get the original AE off the ground and worked long hours to ensure its success. Today he happily works home shows, assists whenever things get too busy for the rest of us and proudly speaks on what AE2 has accomplished.


Community Service

Since opening our family company has donated hundreds of hours to volunteer programs.

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Pioneering a new industry, offering amazing installations, manufacturing eco-friendly products... we've gotten a few awards for that. 

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We're saving mountains one beautiful project at a time!

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