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Our family and company continues to grow! When we opened AE Recycled Granite in 2013, we handled it all; recycling, manufacturing, installations, wholesale and retail. As we grew through the years, we learned that our company had too many divisions for us to handle under one name. In 2018 the recycling and manufacturing divisions became Recycled Granite Arizona and our installations continued to be AE Recycled Granite. 

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AE Recycled Granite                                                                                                   Showroom Hours:  By Appointment Only to limit

8500 S. Nogales Highway Tucson, AZ 85756                                                           one customer in the showroom at a time.

info@aerecycledgranite.com                                                                                    Phone: 520.885.8970 - appointments Mon. - Sat.

Free Estimates.  ROC# 305289

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